Left Quote After building a partnership approach and demonstrating their passion for doing the right thing, I would have no hesitation in recommending Jibboo Ltd as a provider of large scale management development and leadership programmes
Director of Training & Development,

Welcome to Jibboo

Management and Leadership Development Specialists, established in 2001 and based in North Wales. Jibboo is a team of innovative people with a proven track record of delivering genuine business benefits to our clients.

We have a straightforward way of doing things; we keep processes and models simple and relevant to everyday business. We help our clients realise their ideas and provide the creativity and tools to achieve them.

Clients tell us that they find our approach, distinctive, refreshing and flexible. Our style is informal, challenging, highly participative and constantly stimulating.

With a few curious questions, we can help you choose the right solution, even if it's not one of our own.

We believe in

  • helping people to realise and fulfil their potential
  • doing what is right rather than what is easy
  • simplifying theory and practice
  • managing people properly and well
  • encouraging people to bring themselves to work
  • creating an environment where you can think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable